Child Support – Child of Age of Majority

A child who has attained the age of majority (currently 18 years) is still entitled to basic table child support in the following circumstances:

  1. The child is enrolled in a full time program of education (Family Law Act section 31 (1);
  2. The child has not withdrawn from parental control (Family law Act section 31 (2); or
  3. In the case of children of married couples, the child is unable to withdraw from parent charge or obtain necessities of life due to illness, disability or other cause (Divorce Act). It should be noted that the law is still involving for this section to apply to children from unmarried couple.
  4. The amount of child support is determined by:

(1)  the amount determined by applying Child Support Guidelines as if the child were under the  age of majority; or

(2) if the court considers the above approach to be inappropriate, the amount that it considers appropriate, having regard to the condition, means, needs and other circumstances of the child and the financial ability of each spouse to contribute to the support of the child.

Section 3 of the Child Support Guidelines.