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Checklist for Separation Agreements

The following are usually considered in a separation agreement so each party’s rights and obligations are clearly stated. The more time you spend with your spouse discussing these subjects prior to retaining lawyers, the less time your lawyers will spend time in the preparation of your separation agreement, thereby lowering your legal costs.

•Joint Custody or Sole Custody
•Primary Residence
•Terms of Visitation
•Removing child from Jurisdiction
•Name Change
•Household Assets
•Employment and Pension Benefits
•Canada Pension Plan
•Registered Retirement Savings Plans
•Investment Assets and Bank Accounts
•Children’s Bank Accounts
•Matrimonial Home
•Other Property
•Complete Release of Spousal Support
•Term of Support
•Amount of Support
•Life Insurance
•Medical, Drug and Dental Insurance
•Extra-Ordinary Expenses
•Life Insurance
•Medical, Drug and Dental Insurance
•Post-Secondary Education
•Costs Cost-of-Living
•Material Change in Circumstances
•Legal Fees
•Financial Disclosure
•Independent Legal Advice (ILA)
•Resumption of Cohabitation