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Are you looking for an experienced Toronto family lawyer that can handle marital separation agreements, contested divorce, uncontested divorce and other family law matters including child support, custody and relocation? Then get in touch with Toronto family lawyer - Jane Mukongolo. We can help!

Is Your Family Lawyer Or Divorce Lawyer Suitable For Your Case?

When seeking for a divorce lawyer or the best family lawyer in Toronto/GTA, North York, Scarborough, it is important to ask yourself the following question: “What kind of family lawyer is suitable for my needs?” Here's few things to keep in mind while choosing a divorce lawyer in Toronto.

I deal with a lot of emotional and heated disputes while representing my clients in their divorce or separation proceedings. My goal, as your family lawyer, is to assist you reach a resolution in your divorce or family case in an efficient manner by relying on my exceptional interpersonal skills, knowledge of the law, extensive communication and my 20 plus years experience gained in representing families in most aspects of family law including, divorce, custody, support and division of assets through settlement negotiations or through litigation in court. I usually take a rational approach to a case by effectively asserting my point of view as opposed to making the point angrily or aggressively.

family lawyer Toronto - divorce lawyer Toronto

As a mother of two children, I have an understanding of the needs, emotional and financial implications divorce or separation can have on families. Through my experience and knowledge, I understand the importance of getting these challenging matters right, especially when children are involved. My approach as your divorce lawyer is to minimize conflict by swiftly arriving at a fair, practical settlement.

In family law, time management is crucial.  While representing you in your divorce or family law proceedings, I will promptly respond to your calls or calls from your spouse’s lawyer.  I will file documents on time and never seek to delay or adjourn legal proceedings because I have not had time to prepare for your case.

How can we help?

Toronto Family Lawyer - Jane Mukongolo can help you achieve a quick and affordable divorce in Toronto, North York, Scarborough & GTA. Jane is creative and serves the interests of all her clients. Her solid, well-researched legal opinions help clients engage in informed marital separation negotiations in the most time-efficient and least costly manner. Learn more about Jane Mukongolo here.

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Family Lawyer Toronto Services Frequently Asked Questions
Child Access | Child Custody FAQ: Child Access & Child Custody
Child Support FAQ: Child Support
Division of Property FAQ: Division of Property
Spousal Support FAQ: Spousal Support
Getting Started FAQ: Divorce & Separation
Pricing FAQ: Court Procedures

If you are looking for affordable family lawyer in North York, Scarborough, or Toronto/GTA that can handle and resolve your case efficiently, then talk to us. We have represented thousands of clients men and women (married or common law) that required a wide range of legal needs. We work with local clients in Toronto, North York, Scarborough and the GTA who vary on the level of complexity and conflict.

Our goal is to amicably resolve disputes by way of negotiation and proper litigation. Jane will personally work with you to design a customized legal strategy as per your legal, financial and emotional needs. We can help you through this most difficult time in your life. Our experienced divorce lawyer in Toronto understands that you may be hurt, angry and confused. Requesting a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers is the first step in helping you through your family law crisis and to protecting your rights.

Further, all your questions are answered in our free, informative website. You can learn from our Practice Areas, Frequently Asked Questions (and answers), News & Updates and Useful Resources. For a one-time free legal advice via e-mail or telephone, limited to 15 minutes. Contact us. (conditions apply)

If you are unable to find answers to all your questions, then please ask us directly by calling (647) 660-9832. Jane Mukongolo is one of the best family lawyer in Toronto, Scarborough & North York.

Family Lawyer Service Areas: Our services are for clients in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, East York, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond Hill, Etobicoke and Vaughan Ontario.


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    We can help you achieve a quick and affordable divorce in Ontario. Our solid, well-researched legal opinions will help you engage in informed marital separation negotiations in the most time-efficient and least costly manner.

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