Things to expect when you move to a family court

Our top family divorce lawyers in Toronto firmly believe that it’s better to settle family matters outside the court. However, at certain times the complexities don’t allow it to happen.

Complex things like child custody, parenting, property distribution, and much more often force both parties to go to court and get the matter settled.

However, there are certain things you need to know before you move your case to a family court. Things aren’t simple as it seems. Hence, it’s always better to know some things and be prepared accordingly to sail throughout the process smoothly.

What should you expect when moving to a family court?

Jane Mukongolo, one of the best divorce lawyers in Toronto lists certain things you must know and expect when you decide to move your case to the family court. Read them out.

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1) Decisions aren’t made in the first round: No matter how early you want the decision from the court, you need to understand that the chances of the court deciding on your hearing in the first round itself are rare.

The judge would analyze arguments, opinions, and all other legal aspects before coming to the final word.

And coming to the final word after doing all the above things is quite tough. Thus, the first thing to expect when moving to a family court; first round won’t extract decisions.

2) Be prepared for some delays: Pandemic has introduced delays in almost every field. Law is no different. You need to understand that with several restrictions around, some sort of delay is bound to happen.

Hence, if your case gets delayed, don’t lose your patience. Being impatient and losing your temper would make things more difficult and complicated for you.

3) You have to deal with everything by yourself: It holds true for a person who prefers to fight his/her own case in court.

Yes, the judge and court will take into consideration that you are representing yourself and thus stay a bit patient, but you won’t be offered any help in terms of letting you know the laws and other legal aspects.

If you are representing yourself, you must know every legal aspect, your rights, and your duties regarding your case.

Not knowing them would weaken your case, and you might end up losing it. Hence, rule number one, prepare yourself well before you represent yourself, and rule number two, never expect the judge to help you with letting you know your rights and other aspects of the case.

4) Online proceedings are a strong possibility: Post-pandemic era has witnessed a major rise in the online world. From education to payments, everything has gone online. How can law differ?

With lockdown-like restrictions around, you can expect proceedings to go online, and it’s a good thing. After all, safety is paramount.

Online proceedings can actually help you avoid wasting time commuting to court. Hence, if you are getting your case filed in a family court, be prepared for the online proceedings.

5) Your way or no way won’t work: As mentioned, a judge analyze arguments from both parties, thoroughly check every legal aspect related to the case, and that too multiple times, if required. Hence, you cannot believe and follow your way or no way approach.

No matter what the decision is, both parties have to accept it, there’s absolutely no other way out. Hence, expecting that things would only go your way might lead you to a big disappointment.

As mentioned, settling the things outside of the court is better to get quick results, but if there are complexities, there’s no other way than moving to a family court for a fair decision.

However, you must not stay in a virtual world when you move to a family court. This is why knowing the above things loud and clear is quite crucial for you.

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