How do you prevent parental alienation?

Parental alienation is a serious issue that has been rising exponentially for a while now. However, it can be absolutely avoided. Jane Mukongolo, a high-rated family lawyer in Toronto, highly recommends you staying alert and take the timely steps to ensure that the parietal alienation doesn’t arise at any stage.

What is parental alienation?

Parental Alienation - Family Lawyer Toronto

Firstly, what does parental alienation mean? Parental alienation implies a parent building a relationship with the children such that they start hating another parent.

In other words, with parental alienation, the children refuse to see or talk with another parent during visitation. One parent tries to destroy the relationship of the children with another parent.

Parental alienation usually comes into picture when the couple is divorced and has harsh feelings for each other. Parental alienation is a serious issue, as no parent deserves to get hatred from his/her children.

How do you prevent parental alienation?

So, is there any way to prevent parental alienation? Yes, there is. How do you do it? Check it out below.

1) Be quick to recognize the signs: A child’s innocent mind quickly grasps the things taught. Thus, it’s crucial to be quick to recognize the signs of parental alienation at the initial stage itself.

Things like children not wanting to talk to you on phone, or not being willing to meet you during the visitation must not be ignored by any means. Yes, a bad mood might be the reason, but it’s crucial to have a deep check of the things.

Killing parental alienation will be easier when you recognize it from the initial level itself.

2) Notice every act of the children: Noticing the actions and words of the children is crucial to ensure that no issues of parental alienation arise in the future.

Things like the way children are talking to you, or if they are maintaining eye contact or not while talking, etc. matter a lot. Take a note of each of these actions, and don’t hesitate to talk to your ex-spouse if required.

3) Keep anger away: Parental alienation is a hard thing to deal with, of course! Seeing your children going far away from you without any mistake is definitely a harsh thing.

However, it’s crucial to keep your anger away during these times. Remember, your anger would only invite more hatred from your child, and eventually, things will get worse.

Keeping the anger away during these times is the toughest, yet the most crucial thing to do to ensure that you keep the parental alienation efforts of another parent at the bay.

4) Contact a lawyer: If you feel that your child is alienated, it’s best to speak out to the lawyer. A right divorce lawyer in Toronto will help you out to make the right decisions with a calm mind and ensure that you don’t mess up at any stage.

The experience of a lawyer would be of immense help to you in terms of selecting and doing the right things. You can express your concerns to the lawyer. Thus, along with getting legal assistance, you would also get some much-needed emotional support.

5) Don’t lose hope: Parental alienation can completely break a person, and it’s completely understandable. Several parents lose their patience and take some steps which are completely wrong and unjustified.

You must know that your children need you, and you have to fight for your place in their life.

Don’t lose your hopes, get support from the right people, and ensure that your children get equal love from both parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is parental alienation bound to happen after divorce?

No. If you and your spouse have a good understanding, parietal alienation won’t take place at all. It usually comes into the picture when couples have harsh feelings for each other.

My child is alienated. Should I take my child away with me?

No. This might be a major mistake. Doing this might invite several legal challenges, and things might get worse for you. Be sure to be legally right every time when you go through tough times.

Is parental alienation always intentional?

No. Parental alienation isn’t always intentional. Certain times, some unintentional actions from the other parent keep pulling a child away.

We hope that you are clear about everything about parental alienation. As mentioned, parental alienation can be easily prevented. It’s all about being patient and clear with everything.

If you are going through these tough times, and if you require legal and emotional support, you can count on Jane Mukongolo, one of the most affordable family lawyers in Toronto. You can count on us not only to get correct legal guidance, but you can also share your concerns and feelings freely with us. To reach out to our team, contact us at (647) 660-9832.