Everything you need to know about online divorce

Ending your marriage is a scary thing. Along with emotional stress, you are all set to face physical and mental stress too. However, there has been a considerable rise in the number of online divorce files, specifically in the post-COVID world. Online divorce reduces physical stress to a considerable extent.

However, still, many people aren’t entirely aware of online divorce. Therefore, Jane Mukongolo, an affordable family lawyer in Toronto gives you insights into online divorce in this blog.

Can you file divorce online?

Firstly, can you file your divorce online? Yes, you can definitely do it. It won’t only reduce your stress, but also ensure that you don’t break down physically.

Hence, if you have been wondering if filing a divorce is your real option, the answer is absolutely yes.

Which divorce type can you file online?

Everything About Online Divorce - Divorce Lawyer TorontoSo, what are the divorce types that you can file online? Checkout the answers:

1) Simple divorce: This is the first divorce type that you can apply for online. With a simple divorce, you apply for the divorce on your own.

2) Joint divorce: In joint divorce, both, you and your spouse apply for the divorce. When both spouses agree to the divorce, the joint divorce comes into the picture.

Benefits of online divorce

So, what are the benefits of online divorce? Checkout your answers.

1) Online divorce is always easier & cheaper as compared to the traditional divorce process.

2) With online divorce, you aren’t required to worry about managing papers at all. Hence, there are absolutely no chances of papers getting lost, or misplaced. This is one amazing benefit of online divorce.

3) When you go with online divorce, everything you file online will be saved and backup will be always there. Hence, you will always have a secure record of things.

Cons of online divorce

So, are there any cons of online divorce? Every coin has two sides. Hence, of course, there are pros and cons to everything. Checkout some of the major cons of filing a divorce online below.

1) With online divorce, even a slight mistake can lead your application to get rejected. Specifically, if you file an online divorce without any assistance from experts, it will be extremely tough for you.

2) Filing an online divorce hardly helps you with any sort of emotional support, which is extremely crucial during these tough times. You might not consider it a major benefit, but when you go through the process, you will actually understand the importance of emotional support during these tough times.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does online divorce really make things easy for me?

Yes. When physical stress is considered, online divorce does make things easy. However, as mentioned, there are certain cons of filing an online divorce too. Hence, make sure that you know every aspect of the same before you dive into it.

2) Is legal assistance necessary while I file divorce online?

Legal assistance isn’t necessary when you file a divorce online, but it’s always recommended. As mentioned, with online divorce, even a slight mistake can be a cause of your application rejection. Hence, it’s better to get legal assistance as it would keep you away from all sorts of divorce filing mistakes.

3) How do I keep my online documents secure?

Well, most online divorce websites do provide cloud storage where you can secure your documents digitally. You can even download them into your local system. There are numerous options available.

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We hope that you are now clear with every crucial information about online divorce. As mentioned, online divorce can be beneficial, but knowing everything about it is always important.

If you desire to get more information or if you are about to file a divorce online and want any sort of legal assistance, you can count on Jane Mukongolo, an affordable family lawyer in Toronto to do the job right for you. Our experienced team ensures that you get the best legal guidance along with making the entire divorce process easy for you. To connect with our experts, contact us now.