Everything you need to know about child custody mediation

We hope that you don’t go through it, but if you unfortunately do, then divorce is one of the toughest phases of life. And, this phase increases its difficult level if anything like a fight for the child comes into the picture.

Let’s discuss child custody mediation here. Child custody mediation is something that often confuses a lot of people. Jane Mukongolo, one of the best & most affordable family lawyers in Toronto gives you an insight into child custody mediation further on.

What does child custody mediation mean?

Child Custody MediationSo, what does child custody mediation mean? In simple words, in child custody mediation, the parents of the child will meet a mediator who will analyze various aspects of the case, and give recommendations on the division of the custody.

The mediator is always a neutral party and gives his/her recommendation without being emotional or biased towards any party. The mediator takes several aspects into consideration before giving a final recommendation.

Please note that, unlike a judge, a mediator doesn’t pass any sort of decision. It’s just mediator uses the experience and tries to resolve the case.

Important child custody mediation tips

Readout some of the most important child custody mediation tips you can keep in your mind to achieve success with it below.

1) Stay positive: This is one of the most important steps to prepare yourself for child custody mediation. After all, why would you think negatively when a crucial decision about your child’s future is about to be taken. Yes, you are going through tough times, but just keep those negative thoughts away.

2) Keep an open mind & stay prepared to listen: When you go to a mediator, you cannot expect the mediator to agree with everything you say, and that’s completely fine. That’s what the mediator is there for; to offer a balanced solution.

Hence, when you go to a mediator, ensure that you keep an open mind, and consider the thoughts of both, the mediator and your spouse. Not doing it might make things worse for you.

3) Don’t let your emotions control you: Yes, heated discussions might come into the picture during the mediation but ensure that you don’t let your emotions control you by any means.

Mediators are trained to handle such situations but don’t hesitate to ask for a break if you feel that you require one. Staying calm and not letting the emotions direct the behaviour is one of the most important, yet daunting tasks during these times.

4) Think twice before speaking anything: Remember, every word you speak during the child custody mediation will have a major impact on the final recommendation of the mediator. Hence, ensure that you think at least twice before speaking anything during the session.

Tiny things like referring to the kid as “our kid” and not “my kid”, and chalking out the plan for the child’s future rather than blaming your spouse or whining about the past matter a lot.

5) It’s okay if things don’t go your way: As mentioned, a mediator will completely stay unbiased and try to give a balanced resolution recommendation about the case. However, you need to stay calm if things don’t go your way.

Remember, there are other options like going to court if you aren’t satisfied with the mediation judgement. Staying calm will push you towards taking correct actions, and hence keeping your cool in these tough times is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it weaken my case in court if the child custody mediation doesn’t go my way?

To some extent. Yes, the court does take into consideration the recommendation of the mediatory, but if you are able to prove your points in the court, it won’t be a hurdle for you.

Mediation vs court? What’s the better option for me?

It depends on several factors. Your relationship with your ex-spouse, your finances (as mediation is less expensive), your preference, etc. are some of the factors that can help you get clarity in terms of selecting one.

What if my last child custody mediation didn’t go well?

Firstly, accept the fact that it has happened, and just throw all the negativity out of your mind. Now, just give yourself some time, and think about what went wrong, what you can do to help yourself in the next session. Don’t think of the consequences, or what happened in the past, just give yourself some time to prepare well for the next session.

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