Top myths about divorce

Divorce breaks an individual completely. That emotional and physical pain is obviously difficult. However, there are certain myths about the divorce process that breaks an individual mentally too. These myths are required to be cleared to ensure that the person who is about to go through this tough process has clarity on the same.

So, what are these myths? What are things that you need to know regarding the divorce process? Keep reading the blog to get your answers.

Major myths regarding divorce

Checkout some of the most important myths regarding the divorce process below.

  1. Top Myths About DivorceWomen get spousal support every time: This is one of the most common myths revolving around divorce. Gone are the days when only men used to earn. Today, there are numerous cases where women earn and men works as a caretaker.

    Any spouse who hasn’t been working for a while and has been taking care of home and kids will be getting spousal support. It won’t depend on the gender by any means. 
  2. Kids can decide with whom they wish to live: This is another major myth about divorce. Yes, a court considers the best interest of the kids when giving a decision about with whom will the kids live, but the entire decision won’t be made by the kids. It will be the judge who will analyze various aspects and give the decision considering the best interests of the kids. 
  3. Divorce implies a long legal process: No, not all divorce processes go through the court. A couple can settle the entire matter outside the court with the help of a mediator. However, it entirely depends on that compromise factor. But, the thing that every divorce goes to the court is completely a myth.

    In fact, there have been numerous cases where people have settled the entire matter outside the court, and hence kept themselves away from the long legal process. 
  4. The division of assets is always equal: Yes, the court always tries to be fair with dividing the assets, but it is not always equal. The potential of earning of a spouse is always taken into consideration here. The ultimate goal of the court is to be fair, hence, it takes a considerable time to research things before coming to a decision. The earning potential of a person is one of these things considered.

These are some myths about divorced that were required to be debunked. These myths simply make the entire divorce process tough for a person as it keeps the person away from his/her rights.

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