How do you tell your spouse that you want a divorce?

Telling your spouse that you want a divorce is not easy as it seems. The nervousness, the fear of life after the divorce, and most importantly the emotions linked really make things difficult.

However, if your married life isn’t going smooth, it’s better to part away rather than carrying the burden of unhappiness and regrets the entire life. Yes, communicating your thought with your partner is difficult, but Jane Mukongolo, the best divorce lawyer in Toronto makes it easy in this blog.

5 Tips to tell your spouse that you want a divorce

Checkout some of the things you can keep in your mind if you want a divorce but aren’t able to convey the same to your partner.

Divorce Lawyer Toronto - Family Lawyers Toronto1) Avoid rough conversations: One of the major mistakes that people make while communicating their thoughts is that they get rough with their language. For instance, avoid saying directly “I want a divorce”. Instead, you can say, “I think things aren’t working out. Maybe, we need to pave our way apart”.

Being harsh or say being so direct might hurt the emotions of your partner, hence, making things tough for you. You definitely don’t want to hurt the emotions of any person at all.

Hence, avoid being rough while conversating. Being a bit nice will make things easy for you considerably.

2) Be clear with the reasons for your unhappiness: Get it clear, your partner deserves to know the reason why you need a divorce. Hence, it’s your part to communicate the reasons for your unhappiness clearly.

Being clear with the reasons might make your partner understand the things that require changes, hence helping both of you to avoid the divorce at all.

Hence, be clear with the reasons for your unhappiness with your partner and try to look for the solutions to the same to avoid the divorce.

3) Select the right time of conversation: The importance of selecting the right time of conversation when it comes to divorce cannot be stressed enough. Select a time when your children are not around you.

Ensure that your partner isn’t already stressed about anything else when you are communicating with him/her about the divorce. Try to keep the phones of both of you away for a while.

Also, try to select the time when you are certain that no one will be disturbing your communication.

4) Be firm & clear: If you have really decided to get divorced, communicate the same with your spouse that your decision is irrevocable. If you feel that some time apart might help both of you, communicate the same.

Ultimately, you need to be firm with your thoughts and get your spouse cleared with them too. Therefore, Jane Mukongolo, one of the best family lawyers in Toronto advises you to give yourself considerable thinking time to figure out if divorce is really your solution.

5) Be a good listener too: As much as your expressing your thoughts and feelings are important during this conversation, you need to listen and acknowledge your partner’s thoughts and feelings too.

Allow your spouse to express his/her thoughts and opinions and respond to each of them with extreme calmness and sensitivity. Hence, the next most important tip to communicate with your spouse that you want a divorce; be a good listener too.

Yes, communicating with your spouse that you want a divorce isn’t easy, but the above things will make it easy for you considerably.

If you have communicated it to your spouse, or if you require any assistance with the same, or any other aspect related to the divorce, you can count on Jane Mukongolo, the best divorce lawyer in Toronto. Our team not only offers accurate legal guidance, but also compassion and emotional support, which is a must during this tough time. Reach out to our team by calling us at (647) 660-9832.